Thursday, 12 July 2012

For the laughs....

I apologise for neglecting my blogs somewhat recently, I was only in Korea for a month so I really wanted to make the most of my time (e.g not stuck inside, sat in front of a computer!)

As a result of living more and blogging less, now I finally do have time to blog, I have quite a few funny stories to tell.^^

So, from all this "living" I have been doing, my Korean has become fairly good ~with my friends I speak mostly in Korean~ and consequently, my Chinese level has sadly dropped a bit....

I figured the smartest way to reinforce both languages simultaneously and to start linking the two ( to make swapping in and out of them easier ) would be a buy a chinese language learning book...that is written in Korean. Not only is it much cheaper than the English language books stocked in the bookshop, I feel like I'm killing two birds with one stone.

So, I popped down to Bandy and Luni's at Coex and got myself one!

Call me naive and a little foolish but I hadn't anticipated the reaction this would cause. In my head, I had only got as far as :

Using learn Chinese = better Korean and better Chinese.

In fact, what it resulted in was tube carriages full of very confused-looking Koreans. Hehe.

I would sit on the tube, studying my Korean-Chinese book and initially, I didn't quite notice it.

However, the staring quickly became very apparent. It wasn't the normal "oh, it's a foreigner...seen that before" kind of stare, it was the supremely more entertaining double take of " oh, it's a foreigner...who's reading a book in Korean...on how to learn Chinese...Huh?!".

It's safe to say, their expressions were much more interesting than my book...and I never got that much studying done.

I did, however, make quite a few new friends, Chinese people and Korean people. So the book was good for that at least ^^

(The best one was the old Chinese guy who started chatting to me in Chinese causing everyone to look. We talked a while when my phone rang. I answered in Korean...and when I looked up, everyone was listening in!)

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