Saturday, 18 February 2012

Spanish Special at 산길 (SanGil)

Since even at university I still get a half term, although we're officially meant to call it "reading week", I took a trip to Barcelona with my best friend, Morgan, for a little bit of good ol' R&R. Being the half-crazed, somewhat Asian obsessed person that I am, I made it my mission to check out the Korean scene in the city. Now, although there wasn't that much around, I did manage to track down a pretty good Korean restaurant called 산길, San Gil, based in the north of the city. 

Now, while I have had my fair share of Korean food, Morgan had never tried it before so I insisted, on our first day in the city, we go try it out...! (Yes, I have my priorities straight...!!) 

So after a morning spent rambling around Las Ramblas (sorry, bad I know~!), we had both worked up quite an appetite and decided to try and find this restaurant armed with only the closest metro station. While we had decided to use this opportunity to get "lost in the city", we had meant it in somewhat of a more metaphorical sense but our attempt to find the restaurant led us through so many side streets that by the end, we really were lost! 

After consulting locals (giving me a good opportunity to practice some Spanish!) and resorting to taking mad pictures to take our minds off our gnawing hunger - see below....
My "feed me now" expression 

We eventually managed to find the restaurant! Pretty, no? 

We arrived soon after they opened and so were the only ones in the restaurant allowing me to take pictures without scaring / confusing people! The restaurant was fairly small but really clean and pretty with traditional style artwork on the walls. They even had a television set on the Arirang Channel which was, rather obviously, in Korea but subbed with Chinese and English - I felt like I was in language heaven!! 

The restaurant - and f(x)'s Sulli on TV!

The restaurant is owned by a really nice, old Korean couple who have hired a young man to help them run the restaurant. When he came to take our order, he spoke in English to Morgan then in Spanish to me and then in Korea to the I then spoke in Korean with him - which made the owners rather excited as they came to talk to me too! 

We both ordered 돌솥비빔밥 (dolsot bibimbap) and while waiting, I was really impressed to have a plate of 반찬 (side dishes) delivered to our table which were free of charge (many of you will have heard me complain about having to pay for sides of kimchi here in the UK!). Morgan and I both agreed that the sides were really delicious and I used this as a chance to teach Morgan how to use chopsticks... which made for lots of dropped bean sprouts..but was rather entertaining to watch! 
The side dishes that made me so happy ^^ 

Our food came really quickly and despite somewhat strange vegetable combinations (lettuce in Bibimbap anyone?), it tasted great! After a morning of shopping we were pretty hungry so the food disappeared rather quickly! But it's ok, I managed to snap some photos before it ALL disappeared ^-^ ~

Finally, before we left, I took a picture outside the restaurant! 

The pricing wasn't too bad, similar to that of the UK. A bibimbap set us back €12 each but canned drinks were priced rather steeply at nearly €3 each... >< 

That said, the portions were really good and we did get free sides! 

My final scores: 
Food: 8/10 
Atmosphere: 6/10 (surely better with more people!) 
Service: 8.5/10 
Value for Money: 7/10

C/ Legalitat 22 
Metro Joanic 

Telephone 93 284 41 79

After lunch we set off home and ended up heading over to Park Guell which was actually within walking distance of the restaurant! Check out my next post for more about my trip :) 

Contact Information credit : Time Out Barcelona 

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