Sunday, 29 April 2012

Twinkle by 태티서 (TaeTiSeo) : Song Review and Cover

With the video still unreleased and the debut stage only a few days away, fans are already falling head over heels in love with SM Entertainment's recent new sub - group début : Girls Generation sub-unit : 태티서  (TaeTiSeo). 

TaeTiSeo itself as a name stands for the names of the members in the group; Girls Generation's leader TaeYeon as well as two of it's main vocalists Tiffany and SeoHyun. 

The group's debut mini-album was released worldwide on the Itunes store at midnight (Korea time) on the 28th of April and physical copies of the EP will be released later this week! 

There are no surprises in the fact that the single has all ready achieved "all-kill" status across most Korean music charts including: Melon, Bugs, Naver, Mnet, Daum and Naver. It is also holding the record for the highest peaking K-pop album, entering the US Itunes Album chart at #4! I won't lie and say I didn't have serious reservations when SM announced they'd be releasing a sub-group of Girls Gen. and these reservations further deepened when the title of the song, "Twinkle", was released....I thought..."Oh..this is a recipe for a candy-coated disaster!" I also wasn't whether jumping on the "sub-group" band wagon would do Girls Generation any favours - it seems I will be taking it all back following their recent successes - of which I'm sure, the majority have yet to come. 

 I actually really like the song - it has a catchy 80s-esque vibe and the cuteness is subtly balanced by the group's powerful vocal abilities. In fact, that's another reason I really like it. The song has "oomph!" for want of a better word! I feel it has really given the girls an opportunity to showcase the more powerful side of their voices, something which frequently gets left out when working in such a large group. 

One thing I was a little surprised by was Jessica's absence. She's not (as far as I'm aware) filming dramas or doing anything else that would mean her schedule was full so why, as lead vocalist with Taeyeon, hasn't she been included in what was so obviously set out as a demonstration of the power vocals within Girls Generation..... I am curious. Very curious. 

But anyway, we digress. Having already mentioned I liked the song, I confess that I liked it so much in fact that in my lunch break this afternoon, I even did my own cover of it! 
Check it out below~ Don't forget to head on over to youtube and let me know what you think!

On another note...I apologise for all the hair flicking... I have come to a cross roads yet again where I do not know whether to recut my hair to the blunt fringe, grow it into one of the side things or just leave it the moment, due to exams, it is being left to do as it pleases...which seemingly, is getting in my eyes! Thoughts / suggestions are welcomed!! :D 

I'm getting quite excited as when exams are over (in 3 weeks), I will have one week in London before heading home to Switzerland and then.... I'll be off to Korea!!! Yay~~~ I'll probably blog a lot while I'm there so closer to the time, I'll start spamming you all with blog links and requesting blog title suggestions!! :D 

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