Friday, 9 December 2011

Back in the day~

So hey and welcome to my blog :) I'm Anna ... which I guess you probably know! I've never really blogged before...I've written for school papers, made video blogs for my youtube channel but this is the first time I'm putting pen to paper...or fingers to keyboard so to speak :) So, a quick overview I guess. This is going to a place for me to share my travel experiences and my photos from all around the world...and I travel quite a bit so it should be interesting..I hope! I'll also post song/album/drama reviews as well as my experiences of Korean culture ; concerts, restaurants, meetings etc as well as links to new covers on my youtube page- all here :) So stay tuned, the best is yet to come and without further ado, let the show begin! 

<--- This is a picture from earlier in the month when I was in Paris - goodness, here in England it's so cold...I think I've forgotten what the sun is.....

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